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Important Milestones

English Medium School by name “Rajas Free School” was started by the then Maharaja Sri Sri Sri Mummadi Krishna Raja Wodiyar near the then Residence where British and Indian officials, Aristocrats and VIPs lived. English, Literature, History, Geography and Mathematics were taught in addition to vernacular subjects Kannada, Marathi and Hindusthani. Initially there were 89 students on an average. It rose to 320 students by 1962.

As per the desire of Maharaja and befitting to his status a new building with a big central hall surrounded by class rooms was built. The building was inaugurated by the Maharaja in 1866.

The School was brought under the control of the Department of Public Instruction, which was established in 1954. Free education to pupil was discontinued and monthly fee was collected.

In 1870, school attained the status of the Degree College and N. Krishna Rao was the first student to pass B.A. Examination of Madras University in 1973.

In 1876, B.A. Classes were abolished with the inception of the Central College at Bangalore and also due to students taking B.A. Examination not exceeding a single digit.

Classes below IV standard were abolished.

The College was shifted to present Maharaja’s College Building. High school classes were conducted in down floor and college classes were held in upstairs.

University of Mysore was established. Intermediate and High School classes were bifurcated from degree classes and shifted temporarily to Jagan Mohan Palace. Sri. Krishna Iyengar was the Head Master (Father of M. Chinnaswamy, President, Karnataka Cricket Association, who was also a student of this school)

The school was shifted to present beautiful building where P.U. College and High School are housed. Sri. R. V. Krishna Swamy Iyer was the Head Master from 1922-27 (Father of Sri. R. K. Narayan)

Entrance section (Inter mediate) was bifurcated and the status of the school became that of a high school. Sri. Kastur Raj Chetty who retired as the Director of Public Instruction was the Head Master of the Institution from 1927-33.

Sri. S. Halappa was the Head Master of the School from 1958 to 1962. He retired as Director of Public Instruction.

The school was upgraded as Higher Secondary School by the introduction of one year Pre-University course.

To accommodate the increased strength of students, two wings were added to the back of the building. There were 24 sections and 1,176 students. Eventually, the school was bifurcated into two schools. New school was started at Nazarbad under the name “Maharaja’s Bifurcated High School”.

Two year Pre-university classes were started and the institution became a composite Junior College.

1975-81 & 1985-1990
B.S. Sridhara Raje Urs was the Principal of the college for such a long time due to his sincere and distinguished service. He retired as the Director of Vocational Education and Pre-University Education. He was also a student of the school from 1955-58.

On Feb 20, 21 and 22, 1987, a grand 150 years celebration was organized under the stewardship of H. Kempegowda, B.S. Sridhara Raje Urs and distinguished alumni of the school. It was the first function to be organized for the Institution. Mahajraja’s College had celebrated the Centenary Celebrations during Jan 1951 and Jayachamaraj Wodiyar Centenary Hall was built in memory of it.


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